Altar Guild

“I love preparing the Lord’s table in the quiet of the church when no one else is around. I find it very grounding.” –Connie Nash

The Saint James’ Altar Guild is always interested in having new members who enjoy the more “domestic” side of our worship of God. We offer a short training session and then ask new members to work with more experienced individuals for a while.

We work quietly each week to prepare the altar for the Sunday and Wednesday services and to clean up after each service. We also prepare the altar for special services, such as funerals and during Holy Week. We work in pairs and each pair serves for a two-week period twice a year for a total of four weeks. In addition we all participate in the multiple services at Christmas and Easter to the extent that our personal commitments allow.

If this ministry appeals to you, please speak to me; I can give you further details.

Penny Dart |