“What I love about this ministry is that it allows me an opportunity to greet new folks and guests to St. James’.” – Angela Austin, an usher of St. James’

If you like to smile and to welcome, then you would fit perfectly into our ministry of ushers of St. James’.  If you are also interested in supporting our Parish’s worship services, then you really have no excuse but to join us.  We are most welcoming, and there is very little training involved.  You can easily incorporate this vital ministry into your Sunday worship.  After all, you’ll be in church on Sundays anyway.

The ushers of St. James’ provide a ministry with a specific function of supporting the worship services of our Parish.  Ushers are present to extend a gracious greeting and information to newcomers and visitors as well as having the opportunity to welcome fellow parishioners as they arrive.  For most newcomers, our ushers are the first St. James’ members they will meet.  Our duties are simple besides greeting and assisting visitors; we pass out service bulletins, ring the bell, assist the physically challenged, collect the offertory from the congregation, and guide parishioners to the Lord’s Table during Communion while still having the opportunity to worship.

You are welcome to join us, no experience is required.

George Burgwyn |